alleluia! christ is risen! 

Easter time is a centerpiece of the church year, when we celebrate with joy the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!


  • online church

    EASTER SUNDAY: APRIL 12 view online here


    St. Paul's orchestra and choirs sing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives": watch here


    EASTER PUPPET SHOW MESSAGE view online here

    CHILDREN'S CHAPEL FOR EASTER view online here

    CHILDREN'S CHAPEL FOR HOLY WEEK view online here


    PALM SUNDAY: APRIL 5 view online here

    GOOD FRIDAY: APRIL 10 view online here

    MAUNDY THURSDAY: APRIL 9 view online here


We are the Church, no matter where we meet. Join us this Easter season, as we share the love of Christ with our neighbors, families, friends, and the St. Paul's congregation.

  • draw & display

    Share your Easter season drawings. Video invitation from Pastor: watch here

    A fun and creative way to witness to your neighborhood is to color a picture and place it in a prominent window in your house, condo, or apartment. In fact, why not create several pictures? Perhaps your grandchildren could draw pictures for you to display. Perhaps you could draw and color pictures for friends and relatives to display at their homes. Here are some suggestions:

    • Maundy Thursday – Communion chalice and host; grapes and bread

    • Good Friday – Cross or crucifix

    • Easter – Empty tomb; the risen Christ with the two men on the road to Emmaus; the risen Christ with the disciples in the upper room

    • Children's Bible story coloring pages: Holy Week and Easter themed: print here
    • Adult coloring pages: print here
  • share photos

    Smile! Help us build our Easter season online photo album. 

    We encourage households to take a picture of themselves holding their drawing(s) and e-mail to (horizontal photos are ideal). We look forward to sharing them here, and on Facebook and Instagram. Pastor Thomas and Pastor Thomson will share photos and drawing during their Ministry Minute devotions. 


    READ & DISCUSS: Prayers for Holy Week here. Devotional for each day of Holy Week here.

    WATCH:  Watch our pastors' Minute Messages for Holy Week here"What Is Easter" short video from CPH here.

    LISTEN: EASTER HYMN PLAYLIST Lutheran Easter hymns (and lyrics) with choir and orchestra on YouTube: click here.

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