the Mom COmmunity

@st paul's


MomCo Meetups | September to May | Fellowship Hall

9:00-11:00 a.m. on the first and third Thursdays of the month, including KidsCo childcare


Feel free to contact our MomCo Coordinators, Julie Leidenfrost and Abby Sanders, or our Director of Family Ministry, Sharon Shearman

  • What is MOMCO?

    We are The Mom Community — MomCo  for short

    As a Mom Community, 

    • We raise our kids and one another.
    • We boldly elevate motherhood.
    • We embrace the unexpected and imperfect.
    • We understand our direction is more important than our speed.
    • We celebrate often and loudly.
    • We know every mom has a place with us.
    • We follow Jesus and invite others to journey with us.

    Here at MomCo (formerly MOPS and Mothers of Preschoolers), we're on a mission to celebrate motherhood and embrace the journey together. MomCo exists to meet the needs of every mom — stay at home, working, single, and married.

    Motherhood is complicated. Mom friends help. We welcome moms with little ones from birth to kindergarten, and expectant moms, for a place of friendship, community, support, faith, and growth.

  • MOMCO 2023-2024 Theme: "say yes"

    This year, we are going to say yes to befriending discomfort, being easily delighted, and being here now. 

    St. Paul's MomCo Meetup invites all moms and their children, aged five and under, for our 2023-2024 year! MomCo is about celebrating motherhood, meeting needs — yours!  making friends, and experiencing God's love. 

  • what to expect at a MOMCO Meetup

    • Brunch | Enjoy delicious dishes and coffee.
    • Keynote Speakers | Be inspired and encouraged in topics such as parenting, marriage, faith, health, and home life.
    • Small Groups | Talk with other moms at your table and nurture new friendships.
    • Mentor Moms | Learn from mothers of older children who offer the voice of experience.
    • Childcare | During a meetup, children enjoy their own Bible stories, snacks, crafts, music, and playtime with our qualified and loving caregivers.
    • Other Meetup Activities | Enjoy crafts, spa day, tea and testimony, service projects, fundraisers, care-and-share table, birthday recognition, and more.
  • what to expect throughout the month

    • Playdates | A chance to get together with moms and children at parks, playgrounds, museums, and other St. Louis attractions.
    • Moms' Nights Out |Fun evenings without the children at various locations around town.
    • Family Events | Seasonal, local events for the whole family dads included!
    • Book Club | Dinner out in a restaurant every other month to discuss a selected book.
    • Facebook | Our private group page that shares ideas, resources, questions, and invitations with the members of St. Paul's MomCo.
  • where and when and how much?

    The MomCo at St. Paul's meets the first and third Thursdays from September to May in St. Paul's Fellowship Hall from 9:00  to 11:00 a.m.

    Dues in the amount of $100 are collected at the beginning of the year in September and cover childcare, speakers, supplies, printing, refreshments, and all the other things necessary to sustain our group. These dues include the annual MomCo International fee, which registers you to participate in MomCo anywhere in the United States and includes a welcome packet, gift, weekly e-letter and other helpful resources. Scholarships are available to cover dues, simply contact our Finance Coordinator, Kassi Fey.
  • how do i join?

    Momming can be hard, but it doesn't have to be lonely. Let's do it together! 

    Register today to join St. Paul's MomCo meetup!