sT. pAUL'S Building Access

Facility Access Requests

To request a physical key, access code, or access card, please fill out one of the following forms  


  • Click here for a printable version of our Facility Access Request Form


  • Click here for a form-fillable version of our Facility Access Form to fill out on your computer, save, and email to Steve or Ron


  • Click here for an online version of our Facility Access Form


In order to keep St. Paul’s property and constituents safe, St. Paul’s trustees and Church Council have a adopted the following policy effective November 4, 2019.


Main Doors

  • Church/Ministry Building east narthex entrance doors (nearest Des Peres Park) will be unlocked during normal church staff working hours. 
  • West narthex doors (near Ballas Road) will remain locked and can be accessed if necessary via access code or card. 
  • During church services and at other times as deemed necessary both east and west entrances will be unlocked.


School and Early Childhood Center

  • Except for a limited monitored time before school starts or for special events, school and ECC buildings will be locked at all times. Entrance will be granted via access code or card. 
  • Access can also be granted by requesting access via intercom during normal school/ECC hours. 
  • Entrance to the gymnasium will be unlocked during Sunday mornings and during events being held in the gymnasium. Access at other times will be via access code or card.


Evening Meetings

  • Group leaders will be issued an access code or provided an access card that will grant them access to the building to accommodate the meeting timeframe. No keys will be issued to group leaders. 
  • The East Narthex doors are the “standard” entry point for all night meetings. Please communicate to your group to enter through the East Narthex doors. 
  • For evening meetings in the Church/Ministry Building, both east and west narthex doors should remain locked throughout the entire time of the meeting.  
  • Each group can assign someone to man the door to allow other group members to enter or provide group members with the access code. It is advised to circulate to your group one or more cell phone numbers of people in your group so that if someone is accidentally locked out, he or she can call to be let in to the facility. 
  • The group leader is responsible for keeping the facility secured during the meeting time.


Access Codes and Access Cards

  • Access codes and access cards will be issued via request to St. Paul’s Facility Manager or IT Director. 
  • Codes will be issued to cover certain hours and times of the week. 
  • Access codes and access cards may be canceled and reissued as deemed necessary.