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Members are welcome to visit our lending library. Reference books in the first bookcase may not leave the room, but all other books may be checked out and returned at your leisure.

CATEGORIES INCLUDE: Health, nutrition, marriage, parenting, retirement, grief, fiction, Bible studies and devotions.

HOURS: St. Paul's library is open whenever the church is unlocked, except when a meeting is underway in the room. You are welcome to request a book, which we will pull from the shelves for you and leave in the lobby reception desk. 

FOUNDING: In 2009, after the passing of Gigi Davidson, Parish Nurse, the Health Committee and several of Gigi’s friends wanted a way to honor her memory. Gigi’s dream was to have a central church library, where parishioners could browse and find books that they need on their own without the pressure of asking someone for resources or assistance. She wanted a place where they could find quality Christian fiction, as well as non-fiction, such as health, spiritual, family, or other issues. Her dream came true. Her personal home health library books are cataloged and shelved, along with books that were donated by members of our congregation.

library checkout procedure/policy

Our lending library in the conference room uses a traditional check-out card procedure. 

Checking Out:

Remove card from the front cover of book.

Write your name and phone number on the card.

Leave card in tray located on window ledge.

Due Dates: 

No time frames, just be reasonable with the time you have it and return it when finished.


Place books on counter next to card tray. Please do not re-shelve.